Journey – A Short Film


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Senior Seminar Presentation Reflection

The two topics I discussed were “The Medium is the Message” and “The Mask You Live in”. My main point when discussing The Medium is the Message was how I would often find myself focusing less on telling a story and more on pushing myself to experiment with different mediums. My first (and personal favorite) project I referenced when discussing this was a project I had been working on this past semester.

The images above are still shots of a short story where a small, curious creature comes to life in the digital world and breaks out into the real world seeking fortune. I cut myself some slack on the story because that was not meant to be the focal point of the animation. The piece was meant for me to test myself. I wanted to experiment in multi-media, namely 2D animation over live action. And despite the narrative of the piece falling short, I was content with the quality of the animation.

I also dabbled in a code-based art program called Processing two years ago. Despite myriad frustrations with the program itself, I always enjoyed the end product. The image shown below was created in a drawing program I created within Processing. The idea was that every time I pressed my tablet pen down on my tablet, a random shape, with a random color and random size, would display and follow the cursor. This way, I would have no idea what I was working with until I started the piece, forcing me to go with the flow and not plan too far ahead.

Before I enrolled in Alfred State’s animation major, I studied architecture. I wasn’t happy with this major at all and only stuck with it to make family members happy and because I let other people tell me what they wanted me to do. This was the Mask I Lived in for several years. After one particular semester in which the stress from architecture had gotten too overwhelming, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to switch majors into animation. This was what made me happy. The piece below was meant to reflect my feelings while in architecture. I desperately tried holding onto both my obligations in architecture while also holding onto the things that made me happy. This eventually began to tear me apart at the seam because I felt like I was being given an ultimatum. Continue with architecture or abandon it and pursue my own passions. I went with the latter on account of being here and writing this now.

My goal while enrolled in this major has always been to try new things and explore new mediums while also staying true to myself and my own drive to improve. I’m due to graduate this winter. My goal for the future is to use my time after graduating to explore and discover new, unorthodox ways of making art and staying true to my passion.

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Senior Seminar Art Piece

There may come a time when every single thing in every person’s life must be formulaic and done in a consistent manner to ensure the best quality of life. To stay in the best health, you must maintain a consistent body weight. To do this, you can only have x amount of protein, x amount of carbohydrates, and you must burn x amount of calories. When the people within a society are at their best, society is at its best.

I would create a system related to everyday activity tracking. A small apparatus would be inserted into a person to track what they do everyday. This includes everything from the importance of heart rate and calorie intake, to mundane things like number of steps taken or number of times blinked. The purpose of this device would be to ensure that people know what the condition of their bodies are in based on a score value. The score values is averaged out based on weight, calories burned, calories consumed, dopamine levels, etc. The goal is to stay within a certain score value. Anyone who is too far above or below the score value, society deems inefficient. This, I believe, would be efficient for both society and the individual because, as we’ve read in “The Quantified Selves”, there is comfort in knowing more and more about yourself. The most straightforward way to know about yourself is by seeing numerical values.

I would create a device small enough to be barely noticed or felt, and it would be placed into the brain surgically at birth. The device would track basic daily function and, at the end of the day, would see where you stand in relation to the global average.

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Artists as Innovators

Untitled (Toothpicks) by Tara Donovan is the finest example of innovative art that I have personally seen. From afar, the piece looked like a regular cubic hay bale. Nothing too spectacular. Upon further inspection, I noticed that this piece was made entirely out of toothpicks. Even still, I wasn’t able to fully appreciate this piece until I understood the true nature of it. The curator of this gallery told me, among a few others, that this piece was built on location, and also that no adhesive was applied. All of these toothpicks were freely positioned to not only create a sculpture, but a cubic structure at that. The creation of the piece, mixed with the medium, is what made this stand out. The piece wouldn’t hold as much value if glue or some type of adhesive was applied, or if a cubic mold was used.

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Senior Studio II Final Animation Redux

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Moments in Time

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Digital Portfolio


Demo Reel


Business Card


Letter of Intent

Artist Statement


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