3D Design & Color: Origami Robot

20160207_225419 20160216_191118

My line of robots, called “Zardnoids”, belong to a product line of construction robots in the post-apocolyptic year of 2020-twilt. Their overall purpose is to assist in construction sites and to work in areas that will be too hazardous to humans.

They are designed similarly to humans due to mobility conveniences. However, their strength, speed, processing power and endurance are significantly greater than that of a human’s.

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1 Response to 3D Design & Color: Origami Robot

  1. elizabethpotenza says:

    Nice job on the construction of your robot and your watercolor! However, you have not yet provided a descriptive paragraph that defends your aesthetic choices in regards to “the elements of design”. This paragraph would be in addition to your character development and it would speak to how the three-dimensionality of your robot addresses texture, scale change, color, etc.


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