Aquatic Assault: Final progress Reflection


These were the assets I worked on during my time with this aquatic themed tactical RPG. I worked on an earlier concept for the Melee shark sprite which ultimately didn’t get used after redesign. I also worked on the concept design for the Harpoon and the Medic as well as their respective idle animations and hit animations.

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Juiciness Interaction Review

“Broforce” is a side-scrolling, pixelated platformer with some hack and slash elements. And it does a great job with juiciness in a game. The game can be very chaotic if played carelessly which, in my experience, is the most fun way to play. The chaos is the most prominent factor in the game. Everything that happens in the environment has an effect. Killing enemy sprites is incredibly satisfying. They feel more like TACO objects than enemy characters because of how quickly they can be mowed through. Exploding barrels or missiles or anything causing an explosion in general cause the screen to shake. Enemy sprites, after being killed, still lay on the ground and can be interacted with by the player; shot, melee attacked, blown up with a grenade, whatever is most satisfying. After each attack, the enemy is stunned and gets slightly lifted into the air, rendering them unable to attack as well as be more vulnerable to being attacked. These elements combined give an experience that truly puts the player in the action.


“Soul Knight” is a mobile game which involves the player having to traverse through a randomly generated series of rooms that are structured like Binding of Isaac or the original Legend of Zelda. There are three interactions the player can do with the player sprite; move, attack, and special attack which is unique to the character. The juiciest element in this game, similar to Broforce, is the player’s interaction with the enemy. Every time the player attacks the enemy, the enemy repeatedly flashed white for the duration of the attack. The sounds and flashes are all subtle and don’t overwhelm the player.

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Tactical RPG: 10/13 Check-in

I spent most of today beginning the idle animation for the Diver Medic while doing some minor tweaks to the Harpoon

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Tactical Underwater RPG: 10/11 Check-in

I spent today outlining and shading the healing scuba diver for the Underwater Tactical RPG.

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Wrong Side of the Road – Unity Build – Windows only     – iOS

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Substance Painter Practice feat. MAT

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Statue of Zeus at Olympia – King Piece

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