Artists Portfolio Review – Yul Moreau

Of the three portfolio sites I found, this one is my least favorite. Firstly, the only form of navigation is to scroll throughout the entire site, which is just one page. There are no other pages to navigate to. There is also no “about” page. The closest thing to that is the top of the page which only refers to the artist as a Digital Art Director. The page also says the artist, Yul Moreau, has 13 years of experience, but does not say in what field of study. At the bottom of this first screen, there is a small piece of text that says “scroll or die” which, in my opinion, seems a tad pretentious and doesn’t give off a good first impression. Every time the viewer scrolls to the top of the site, some rather annoying electronic music plays automatically. It took me a long time to realize there is a small, barely visible pause button the viewer can press. The site shows Yul’s work before even showing his areas of expertise. At the very bottom of the page is where Yul’s contact information is. Each project that is shown on the page has a slide of images as well as what appears to be a Vimeo link to the specific project. However, clicking on the “video” does nothing and shows no video. It is only a screenshot of a video as it would appear on Vimeo. It is very misleading and has immediately steered my interest away from his site.

In contrast to Yul Moreau’s portfolio, ToyFight’s site is easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and does not play any irritating music on the homepage. The homepage shows the viewer everything they need to see with the complicated navigation. There is a “who” page which introduces the workers and creators in the company, a “what” page which shows their areas of profession, companies they’ve worked with, and awards they’ve earned, and lastly a “work” page which shows examples of projects they have worked on. I only have one small complaint about the site. It is that the navigational buttons can be hard to see and took me a couple of seconds to notice. This can be a frustrating feature for newcomers to the website. Otherwise I think it is a fine example of a portfolio to which people would be receptive

Lastly we have Femme Fatale. I believe that the most prominent feature on this site is its choice of color. The homepage is a grayscale which can best be compared to the 1950’s noir genre. In terms of navigation, it is similar to ToyFight, simple and to the point. I see no real design or navigational flaws in the site.

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