Interactive Design: Art Gallery

On April 10th, I attended the “Abject Architecture: Landscape Survey 1” gallery held on Alfred University’s campus. The work featured was made by Lea McCormick Griggs, a studio craftsman, designer and artist. Griggs also pursued art in architecture as evidenced by the art exhibition shown. However, his primary focus while studying was directed towards woodworking, ceramics, glass, digital fabrication technology, and craft theory.

The work there featured several sculptures that somewhat abstract and distorted. They seemed more like an amalgam of random objects put together to make a form of some sort, comparable to Marcel Duchamp’s “readymade” series from the Modernist era of art.

The piece that I was most drawn towards was the one title A Mountain “the Cannot Not Exist”. I was drawn towards the pattern of myriad small white squares that, as the viewer looked higher up the sculpture, began to thin out. While at the base of this sculpture was a rock. I saw this as representing some sort of “ascension” from Earth to Heaven.

As I mentioned earlier, Griggs’ works and exploration of medium that were featured in the Gallery can be compared to that of Marcel Duchamp’s “readymade” series in which he takes preexisting objects and utilizes their form with other objects to make an abstract piece. There is definitely something for me to take out of this. And that is Griggs’ level of creativity with his medium. I have a tendency to look at things too literally and too technically and learning to be more creative with my work will help me in the future. Especially with such a logic-oriented class such as Interactive Design.

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