Intermediate 3D Animation: Peer Critique – Andrew Scelta

The video provided is a walk cycle animation as done by my fellow classmate and good friend, Andrew Scelta. With Andrew’s permission, I’ll be giving this animation a professional critique based on what I’ve learned in the past while in Intermediate 3D Animation. I can tell from this piece that he got the basic poses down. However, it would look like Andrew animated each pose frame by frame. This can sometimes create a problem in the final product because movement can look very choppy and almost unnatural.  I also believe that he could have used some more movement in the shoulder as well as hip area. And the body as a whole could use a bit more squash and stretch movement. Adding small details like these can make movement look much more natural. I do, although, believe that he did a very good job portraying the emotions of the character in the model. Ultimately, I believe this could use some tweaking but is definitely on the right path.

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