3D Design & Color: Self Reflection

I came to Digital Media & Animation transferring from architecture because I wanted to be more creative with my work. I have always had a passion for digital art and everything that the major covers despite having studied architecture for five years. Digital Media and Animation has a wide range of mediums, both digital and otherwise, that can be explored. The idea of learning and exploring these new mediums is what keeps me motivated. If I work in mediums I particularly enjoy, or explore brand new mediums, I feel a sense of passion in the work. It is how I felt during the entirety of 3D Design and Color because I have never worked in any three dimensional mediums before. I can be very ambitious about projects involving these mediums. Learning to work with three dimensional design has helped me because I often have trouble creating depth in any two dimensional artwork, which is an issue I’ve faced for quite some time. Three dimensional design has helped me understand form and space. I hope to explore these mediums more in the future and use their practices to better help me in other aspects.

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