Intro to 3D Animation: Room Redux

Wooden Shack Oh The Memories

Remember to always backup your files, folks. Otherwise you’ll find yourself with a malfunctioning hard drive, costing you all of your work because you forgot to make sure your files were backed up on a 1 terabyte hard drive that is LITERALLY always on your person yet somehow it’s never occurred to you to put in two minutes to back up your files. So now all your work is gone literally days before it’s due and there’s no time to make it all up because you have four other classes that take top priority so you’re freaking out because you have no idea what you’re gonna do with this project. Luckily though, your professor is cool enough to let you make up the project during the latter half of the semester so long as it’s submitted before final grades are posted. That’s great and all, but still ever so slightly more stressful because that is still one more project on top of countless preexisting sleepless nights. So when finals week creeps around the corner you completely forget about this whole makeup project and start freaking out because you’ve barely made any progress with it prior and you still have other classes you have to worry about. Resulting in your own self being engulfed in an inescapable sense of dread and remorse along with more sleepless nights. And of course by this point you have no choice but to start up your caffeine addiction again because you suck at time management and can’t afford to procrastinate anymore, especially by using the excuse “getting sleep done ahead of time”. But then you take an hour nap in a swivel chair only to be woken up by falling off the side onto a hard tile floor. But this gives you the extra kick that you need to finally submit your work and all is right in the world.

Remember ladies, gents, and everyone in between. Always, ALWAYS, remember to backup your work.

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