3D Design & Color: Project Recap

Project 1: Origami Robot. Featuring the Zardnoids, a line of construction droids in a post apocalyptic world

20160207_225419 20160216_191118

My line of robots, called “Zardnoids”, belong to a product line of construction robots in the post-apocalyptic year of 2020-twilt. Their overall purpose is to assist in construction sites and to work in areas that will be too hazardous to humans.

They are designed similarly to humans due to mobility conveniences. However, their strength, speed, processing power and endurance are significantly greater than that of a human’s. Modifications are also provided depending on the job that the specific Zardnoid is given

I tried to make the best human-like origami model that I could. However, I found it very difficult to create organic shapes using paper. The easiest things there were for me to craft were, ironically (considering the intricacy behind it), the hands of the piece. However, I’m overall content with the model, mostly because I successfully got it to stand on its own without any supports.

Project 2: Marionette. Featuring Marshal the Marionette



Project 3: Clay Armature. Featuring Dylfrithk the Dullutaur (half dullahan, half centaur)


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