Figure & Motion: Creation Story

Page 1, Kronos' Last Child color Page 1, Kronos' Last Child inkling

Because Gaia and Uranus, the parents of the twelve Titans, had prophesied that Kronos would be unseated by one of his children, Kronos swallowed the children that Rhea bore, who were Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera.  To foil Kronos, Rhea give birth to her next child, Zeus, in secret and kept him hidden. To fool Kronos, she had wrapped a large stone in cloth and convinced Kronos that it was her last child, Zeus.

My intent for this comic was originally draw in a style similar to western comic books. Then it was to draw it as if it were on a worn fresco. Instead of deciding on one or the other, I merged both ideas together. The comic relies mostly on action to action transitions. Save for the last two panels, which utilize aspect to aspect, and the transition to the second to last panel, which is sort of a non sequitur from the previous panel, which is the open cloth with the stone inside.

My goal for the future is to improve with coloring digitally. Coloring never has been a strength of mine. I would also like to work on comics more in the future. This is the first comic I ever made. I would only hope to improve from here.

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