Canon Character: Micar

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Name: Micar

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green

Hair: Blonde, Shoulder length, Combed Back

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 210 lbs

Age: 8,000~

Appearance: Red Scarf, brown sleeveless tunic, dark red cloth tied around his waist, brown commoner’s pants, black boots.

Rule of Thumb: Any emotion or action that Micar is displaying must always have a serious undertone.

Micar is the sole survivor of a fallen kingdom which he called his home. The kingdom of Minotia was destroyed 8 millennia ago by an unidentifiable figure. Micar was the only one who survived that onslaught. For several months since then, he traveled around the world hoping to find answers. After realizing that his search was in vein, he attempted to take his own life.

However, instead of giving up hope and taking his own life, he did the literal opposite that night. He became even more determined to find the figure that destroyed his home and preformed a forbidden ritual which grants the caster immortality. That night, Micar believed that he was the only one who could avenge his kingdom. He literally would not let himself die before achieving his goal.

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