Canon Project Biography: Micar

Name: Micar

Race: Human

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Style: Strawberry Blonde, long & combed back

Height: 6’ 7”

Age: 8,000~

Occupation: Vagabond

Born: In the fictional kingdom of Minotia

Outfit: Red scarf, brown leather chestplate, black arm sleeves, dark red cloth tied around his waist, brown leather boots & leggings, steel shoulder guard on his left shoulder.

Weapon: One-handed steel longsword w/ steel shield

Other physical attributes: Scars, both aged and new, completely covering his back and going slightly up his neck

Family: Unnamed parents (deceased), Richton (best friend, fellow trainee, deceased), Tommen (close friend, fellow trainee, deceased)

Biography: Micar is the sole survivor of his fallen kingdom, Minotia. He was born in the middle class and trained to be a soldier at the age of fifteen. At age thirty, he had become the king’s hand. He set the record for being the youngest soldier to achieve this feat. Despite his loyalty to his kingdom and his rank in the military, Micar always idealized a pacifist world. He hoped that one day he could end all conflict. He was a well-respected figure and even had many people follow his pacifist ideals by protesting the military. Though this did not create any conflicts being that the kingdom was at peace with other kingdoms.

At age 33, an unidentifiable figure descended from the sky and destroyed his kingdom and everyone in it, except for Micar. Before anyone could realize it, everything was destroyed by a burning darkness that left as quickly as it arrived. All that was left was Micar, standing in the ruins of what used to be a prosperous kingdom. And of course, there stood the figure that caused this all. Micar unsheathed his sword and defended himself against the destructive shadows that protruded from the figure. He then charged at the figure, only to be blown away and left for dead by the figure’s unfathomable power.

After what felt like an eternity, Micar came to. It took him some time, but he eventually remembered what had happened to him, his kingdom, his family, and his friends. He spent months travelling to random places, hoping to find answers, or at least a reason to live. One night, he realized that there was nothing left for him, and he attempted to take his own life.

However, just before he thrust his sword through his heart, he felt something burn in him. He felt his blood boil, his hands shake, his heart beating through his chest. His temperature rose high enough that you could fry an egg on his forehead. What he felt was the burning passion that saved his life that night. He was angry, like a starving wolf in a decimated taiga.

What angered him the most was what he did next. Instead of ending his life that night, he did the exact opposite. He committed the ultimate taboo against his culture. He cursed his own soul with immortality. Feeling hopeless and angry, he saw this as the only option. He literally would not let himself die without finding and seeking revenge on the figure who destroyed his very way of life. Though he laughed at the dreadful irony, betraying his own kingdom’s ideals to avenge that same kingdom. It has been roughly 8,000 years since Micar’s kingdom fell. He has not yet found the assailant who left his kingdom in ruins. But that fire inside him is still burning just as bright.

About the fictional kingdom of Minotia: Minotia has been the longest-lasting empire in the world, having lasted for 2,000 years before its unforeseen downfall. For most of that time, Minotia was at peace with other empires. Their own military forces have been at a standstill, but always taking in new recruits. Most of these soldiers guarded the streets within the kingdom. Minotia’s peace-driven influence on its neighboring kingdoms eventually gave birth to the Genescen religion.

The idea of the Genescen religion was to value all life equally and indiscriminately. Genescens believed that all forms of life should be valued and respected no matter the circumstances under which that life was made. Genescen culture was so influential that it expanded across the seas into other kingdoms. The homeless were being sheltered. The poor were being fed. Kingdoms began withdrawing their armies, and wars were ending not with bloodshed, but with newly made friends. For the first time in history, the whole world was at peace with itself.

However, once the roots of Genescism caught flame, the once lively tree that sprouted from those roots died out. Minotia collapsed, and Genescism became less influential on the world. After word spread that Minotia was inexplicably destroyed, each one kingdom blamed its neighbor, claiming that kingdom went to war with Minotia. Thus creating more bloodshed than mankind was ever meant to achieve.

Genescens also believed that the course of a life should flow naturally and uninterrupted. To be grateful for what’s offered to you in life and to die contently. That is the Genescen way. It was believed that the remaining energy of life after one’s passing will transfer to a new body, thus creating new life. The ultimate sin one could commit against Genescism is granting oneself or another with immortality. Many cultures have tried different rituals to achieve immortality in the past, all have failed. The Minotian kingdom is one of the few kingdoms trusted with the secrets of immortality. Only those with the proper rank, such as the king’s hand, may know these secrets.

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