Caricatures, Wireframe, & Notes on Understanding Comics




  • In Chapter 1 of “Comics (The Invisible Art)”, Scott McCloud defines comics as a medium for drawing, rather than the contents of the comic book.
  • Later in Chapter 1, McCloud explains this further by differentiating the comic industry to the film industry. He says that a comic is just as much a comic as a film is a film, but that they are not the same. He explains that a film is an approach to picture-making, while a comic is a medium that allows for such an approach.

I thought this was noteworthy because it contradicts the popular belief that the concept of comics entails only the contents (art style, storytelling, etc) of a comic book. Though I never read comic books, I watch a lot of anime and felt that a similar comparison could be made.


  • Icons are vital to the world of cartoons because it is something the viewer can relate to, the most important of which being a human face.

I thought this was important because Scott McCloud defines the human face as a mask that only responds to the person’s brain. Seeing faces in film means we see other people, but seeing faces in cartoons means we can see ourselves. And that is why the face is the most important icon in the world of comics.

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