Foundations Final Project: Phenakistoscope

Phenascoptakist 20151214_03524120151214_035241-Closeup-piece

The theme I wanted to follow for my phenakistoscope is the idea of things bouncing in place. I wanted to explore how things change shape when they hit a surface. I wanted to explore this by having a different change of shape for each movement. For the outer motion, I wanted to see how well I could create a “flopping” motion, hence why I made a fish. For the middle section, my focus was directed towards the squash and stretch that follows momentum and how that distortion effects the finer details of that form. Another purpose for this section was to see how smoothly I could make a rotating motion, hence why I drew a face on the ball. The face drawn is from a video game character known as “Sonic The Hedgehog”. The inner most piece was simply to test how smoothly I could create the motion of a ball bouncing from wall-to-wall.


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