Final Mask Drawing

Mask Revision   KIMG0262
(on the left is the drawing. on the right is the photograph)

The mask was made primarily to fit firmly on my face. An almost beak-like feature on the mouth was added as it was a personal preference. The face of my mask was based loosely off of the design of a mask in a video game I enjoy playing. The game is called “Skyrim” and the mask can be worn as a piece of armor.

My intention for this drawing was to show a high contrast in lighting, with the negative space being almost entirely black, and the lighter areas of the mask being almost completely white. The sudden contrast puts a much greater focus on the mask and almost gives the illusion that the mask is coming off the page. I challenged myself to draw the mask from a more complex angle as oppose to a full frontal view of the mask. I felt as though drawing a front view of the mask would not have given off the same feeling of “coming off the page” that the chosen view does.


When I first came to this major, I could draw form very well but that was all I could do. And I could only do so using a simple No.2 pencil. I could not shade very well. Nor could I use any other medium very effectively. I was also overly confident in myself and was never enthusiastic about exploring new mediums. I have since broken out of that comfort zone and am now eager to explore new things. I feel I’ve improved significantly since the beginning of this semester. I’ve matured as a person and I’ve grown accustomed to using different mediums of art. While there is need for improvement, I feel my skills in these new mediums have improved since I started this semester.

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