Glitch Art – Rosa Menkman

Glitch art is the outcome of “accidents” in coding in digital art. It is unique from other mediums in that it depends on how the content is distorted rather than the base content itself. There are many people who perceive the style of glitch art as something negative. Rosa Menkman, however, uses her art to focus on the positive outcomes of glitching. In 2011, Rosa Menkman wrote The Glitch Moment/um, which brings the concept of glitch artifacts to popularity. The book was published by the Institute of Network Cultures. She also co-facilitated the GLI.TC/H festivals in Chicago and Amsterdam. In one of her videos, “Radio Dada”, the video is created using a nigh-end camera turned to the screen that was projecting what was being filmed, which created a feedback loop. She then distorted the video by altering its format and exporting it into an animated gif. Rosa Menkman defines glitch art as something that “often breaks the expectations of the user, the viewer or maker and as such, infuses a specific momentum with a different or new meaning.” Every medium has its own special glitches or imperfections. Rosa Menkman is one of many glitch artists to truly make an art form out of this concept.

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