Intro to Visual Communication – “Conundrum”

KIMG0220 (1) Michael final project

Life is boring without mysteries. Each and every person on this planet has some mystery behind them. These mysteries are what truly make that person an individual.

Wherever there is black on my face, the rubix cube is visible. I did this to make a statement less about myself personally, and more about the idea of the individual. There is the face that everyone sees, and then there is what lies beneath. Rather than make my face and the rubix be two separate entities, I merged both pieces together to create unity with scale change. Having “The Enigma” follow the path of the crescent as shown was meant to amplify this idea of unity. To add to this effect, “conundrum” is feint but visible in the background. With all of these objects combined, one large entity is formed to balance this idea of unity.


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