Foundations, Chair


I created an outline of the chair and stripes using a mechanical pencil, then I darkened all of the details in using my carbon pencil. Instead of relying solely on the smudging tool for shading, I used my fingers to smudge the paper. I did this because I felt as though I had more control with shading larger portions of the chair. With smaller areas that required a more precise medium to shade with, I used the smudging tools. I used the chamois tool to lighten up the dark stripes and used the charcoal that the chamois picked up to add to the shading effect.

I relied heavily on the path and distortion of the stripes to define the form of the overall piece. Without the stripes, the chair would look flat. However, with the presence of the stripes and the change in tonality, the chair has depth, and the folds of the cloth look like folds rather than a line that loosely indicates a fold.

I feel as though I’ve matured greatly since the beginning of this semester. Not just artistically, but mentally as well. At the beginning of this semester, I did not know how to shade or create gesture drawings. I also got very easily frustrated whenever I tried to do so. Since then, I’ve been putting much more time and effort into my work and found myself improving over time. Looking at the chair, I see it as a great improvement from my first drawing this semester, which was a self-portrait drawn and shaded entirely using mechanical pencil. I only hope to improve from here.

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