Intro to Visual Communication, Gallery Write-up


I was drawn to Emil Shult’s “Dieter Looks at Joseph”. The piece gives the viewer a feeling of containment or enclosure. Despite there being 2 different settings in the image, both give off their own feeling of enclosure. In the image on the right, there is a face behind blocks of red. The eyes on the face are the only fully visible feature, whereas the rest of the man’s face is being covered by the blocks of red and is only partially visible. This naturally makes the viewer feel as though they are in some type of prison or other form of confinement. In the image on the left, there is a man standing behind some green smoke. Because the smoke is so thick, it is hard to tell where exactly the man is. It is also hard to see the rest of the man’s body, where only his face is mostly visible. This almost makes the viewer feel lost in the smoke.

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