My intent for this animation was to show my journey throughout this project using colors to represent mood and shapes to represent the different ideas I had for this project. Blue represents calm and collect, red represents progressively more frustrated. The combination of all colors appearing at once represents my mix of emotions as I was creating the animation. The crumbling of the red paper followed by the tear in the paper represents the realization that I could use these emotions to create my artwork. This is meant to be a Spiritual/Cognitive piece.

The different shapes that are created represent different ideas I originally had for this project. For one reason or another, I could not follow through with that specific idea. Eventually, I instead decided to represent my emotions about this project through the project itself, rather than find what is the most visually appealing.

My original plan for this project was to create an animation based off of a song from a television show I used to watch called “Cowboy Bebop”. The song is called “Tank”. I ultimately decided against this because I could not find an audio program that could isolate the portion of the song I wished to use.

I watched Rhythmus 21 and Rhythmus 23, both by Hans Richter. From these animations, I got the idea of expressing emotions through the interaction of shapes. Jules Engel uses a lot of color and rectilinear movements in his 1978 animation “Celebration”. The use of color in this film was what inspired me to use color to represent emotion in my animation. Near the end of my animation, a series of random colors presents itself on the screen followed by the crumpling and then tearing of the red paper, which was then followed by a series of random strips of color throughout the screen. In Engel’s 1974 film “Train Landscape”, there is no real rhyme or reason as to how each shape or series shapes presents itself. The randomness of how each form or series of forms presented itself in Engel’s film gave me the idea to animate the end of my film in a similar manner.

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