Intro to Visual Communication, Project #3

Photo Astraction-Recovered

                                                                                                             Photoshop, 1000 pixels x 361 pixels, 2015

“Circles and Squares”

As it is said in Graphic Design: The New Basics, “Visual balance occurs when the weight of one or more things is distributed evenly or proportionately in space.” The abstract pictures in the foreground create an even transition to its neighboring piece due to the ideas introduced in each member. These ideas flow together to create a path within the series of abstractions. This is the balance I wish to introduce in my abstract design.
My main focus regarding Gestalt’s Principles was closure. Closure is defined as an object being incomplete or a space not being fully enclosed. While each abstract picture alone is a complete object, the path that these images make is not a complete path.
I also wished to have these series of abstractions serve as a frame for the text in the bottom right. While that is a frame in itself, The strips of yellow also serve as a frame for the overall image.
Graphic Design: The New Basics defines Transparency as a “simultaneous perception of spatial locations.” I wanted to make the stripes of yellow as transparent as possible so that each intersection done by the stripes will create a new tone of yellow, thus introducing a new idea.
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