Intro to Visual Communication, Project #2


                                                                                               Matte Paper on Poster Board, 24″ x 36″, 2015

A Circle of Squares

“All these squares form a circle”

I wanted my abstract design to follow a circular path. Multiple focal points will inadvertently follow a circular path within the abstract design. Each individual piece connects to its adjacent member forming a new idea. To keep a consistent flow, there had to be a proper alignment of shapes and colors. With this method, each piece successfully flows into its neighboring design introducing a new idea. This creates the circular flow as seen in my abstraction.

I chose to create my abstraction with the circle in mind simply because of what the circle means in art. As it is said in Design By Nature, “Embedding the circle within your design brings it wholeness, integrity, and a sense of interconnections.” Design by Nature also defines the circle as the “mother” shape which contains an infinite possibility of all other shapes within it. My abstraction contains various shapes and forms to create the path of the circle.

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