Journal Posting #2

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I chose Kevin Llewellyn’s Oil on Panel painting, “The Severed Hands of Nikki Sixx”. One of the main Gestalt Principles is Similarity, which is when objects or certain aspects of object look similar to one another. Similarly, any object can e the focal point if it is dissimilar to the rest of the image. The skull can be the main focal point of the painting because of how dissimilar it looks from the rest of the painting.

Another main principle is Continuation, which is when the eye feels compelled to follow a natural course leading to the focal point of the image. In the painting above, the audience’s eye would naturally follow the course of either hand and be directed to the skull in the center of the painting.

“The Severed Hands of Nikki Sixx”

2009, Oil on Panel


Kevin Llewellyn

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