Intro to Visual Communications, Project #1

Name Project KIMG0187

Shredded Paper, Thumb Tacks, 11” x 8 1/2″, 2015

Vokianoskavitch the Enigma

“Enigmas make the world go round. If everyone knew everything, the world would be a boring place.”

            I always enjoy learning new things, both about myself and the world around me. The world, to me, is like a puzzle, and the unknown mysteries of life are just the pieces that haven’t found their place yet.

            Design by Nature defines a metaphor as “relating more than one idea in a single visual context”. I used the Penrose Staircase to act as a metaphor depicting a puzzling world. I showed my name, “Vokianoskavitch”, as if it were spray-painted onto the wall of the staircase to symbolize my commitment to solving these puzzles. Together, these two parts work together to portray my interest in the puzzles of life.

            Shredded pieces of paper were pinned together using thumb tacks. I went with this because the process felt like a puzzle in itself. Each shred of paper is its own piece that never truly stuck to the other piece until both were pinned together.

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