Self-portrait 9-15 Raw

Self-portrait 9-15       KIMG0186

I used 11” x 14” Bristol vellum paper on which to draw my self-portrait. I exclusively used mechanical pencil for the entire drawing because it’s what I’m most familiar with. I have experimented with shading with ebony pencil, but I can never find the proper shading technique for it.

I decided to add a little bit of symbolism to my drawing. What is shown as a hand drawing the other eye on my face and the incomplete eyebrow above might appear to be shear laziness and lack of effort in wanting to finish those specific details. But, I can assure it does not only mean that. Humans will never be truly complete. We will always have imperfections and flaws that will make us look incomplete. But it is not those imperfections that define us, but instead how we approach to fixing those imperfections.

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