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People can have a “How” and a “What” to their product. But, if there is no “Why”, then there is no real meaning to the product. That’s why the iPod is so much more successful than the Zune. That’s why the big Hollywood movies are so much more revered than those cheap horror movies that are played exclusively on the “Syfy” television channel. Those movies have no real message behind them. The producers of those movies just make them because they feel like it.

The importance behind any form of artwork is not what the piece itself is, but instead the meaning behind the piece. This reminds me of a quote from a famous musician called David Grohl, lead singer of the band “Foo Fighters”. Grohl once said “The great thing about music is that you can sing one song to 85,000 people, and they’ll all sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.”  That is the quote that will inspire my work.

I want my artwork to personally connect with each individual member of my audience. I don’t want to portray my own personal feelings onto whatever medium I’m portraying it on. That gives a feeling of absolution. And Life is not about absolution. Life is about perspective and the experiences you grew up with that make you who you are. Life’s about seeing and interpreting things differently.

Something on the surface can look the same to everyone but can have a deeper meaning the more it’s looked into. This is where the perspective begins to change. I want to portray this using whichever medium I’m provided to create something that everyone can connect to, but each for different reasons.


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